New Home

Here is the new place.

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Has Been Too Long

I am having a lot of trouble adjusting to WordPress, not because they are a bad blog host, but because I know so very little about the technicalities and geekdom of computer writing/mechanics.

It was very difficult even setting up this site and I’m afraid this is why I blog here so little.

Much as I hate it,  Blogger is more user friendly for naivetes like me,  so I think I will have to go back to it.  Besides, I have seen some lovely blogs on the internet that have Blogger as their web host.

Thank you,  Word Press,  you are very good…but I just cannot get past the first step here.  🙂

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Start of a Long Goodbye–

Autumn is unquestionably my favorite time of year, with October being my favorite especially up here in the Carolinas.

Well, I don’t know what happened to October, it just FLEW BY.

Now, here we are already in the middle of November! But the leaves of the beautiful trees around here are stubbornly hanging on (probably just to keep my spirits up before the gray of Winter!)

Here is a photo of part of my backyard. To the left is where I will be planting my potager garden (Potager is a French word meaning kitchen, vegetable–along those lines.)

I am going to try and sketch out a garden plan, and get to the library to pick up some gardening books while it is “out of season” for the time being.

Happy Thanksgiving if I forget to post before the wonderful holiday!

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If I Could Be Anywhere Else…

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Momma Kitty

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